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Parbella the brand

Our hair care brand started in between the salon growing and Parzijns personal health decreasing. Way back then, Parzijn got sick and lost most of her hair. Whilst she was very ill, her salon career was just getting off the ground. It made her so insecure to advice, cut and treat people’s hair whilst her own hair was slowly getting thinner and more bald. No one could offer her a cure. She refused to lose hope and took matters in her own hands. 


‘It all started with Parzijn’

Using all her knowledge and experience she experimented with ingredients to create a potion that could help her hair grow back. After trying out various formulas for many years, she eventually found a miracle. This miracle hair shot that Parzijn made, initiated new hair growth, made her hair grow faster, longer, thicker and healthier than ever. All of that in a very short period of time. This was the miracle she was looking for. She tried to help as many people as she could with the same hair problem as hers. Eventually, people from abroad and miles away requested a piece of this magic. Everyone wanted to get their hands on this cure.


Parzijn, as the smart female entrepreneur she always has been, sat with the family. Told us her vision, mission and motivated us, her children, to share her hair knowledge with the world. Aiming to help every woman and men with the same insecurity and hair problem over the whole wide world. So, as a family, we did.


Because we care – Parbella

Parbella is not a typical business in the beauty industry. Our family business is not driven by short-term financial results. We are driven by longer term goals that will make a difference in this world. Such a difference that we can treat and help as many people as we can while pursuing our passion. Just like any other business, it requires dedication and so much hard work. But what makes Parbella different, is the fact that we care because we, ourself, have been through the same hitches as our clients currently are going through. We are emotionally allied to you. 

Our salon and our hair care brand is a result of love, passion, knowledge and experience. As a family we always want to make the impossible, possible. We aim to give everyone an unforgettable experience, whether it is at our salon or during use of our hair care products. Everyone is heard at Parbella, because we truly care.