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  • 49.99 inc. btw

    Miracle hair shots

    An intensive but vegan hair and scalp treatment that fights hair loss and starts new hair growth. Thickens, strengthens, softens and regrows the hair.

    Thickens – Strengthens – Regrows


  • 79.97 inc. btw

    An all essential hair savior pack that will help you safe your dry and damaged hair immediately!

    Dry – Damaged – Frizzy

    serum, shampoo en masker

  • 19.99 inc. btw

    Heat protecting mist that protects hair from damage that occurs from hot tools until 230ᵒC or sun.

    Protects – Feeds – Softens


  • 19.99 inc. btw

    Nourishes and moisturizes hair, gives instant shine, reduces frizz, makes the hair soft, smooth and manageable.

    Fights dry hair – Adds shine – Repairs damaged hair