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Cooling curls

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Parbella’s newest innovative curling system, the cooling curls, creates healthy, fast, long-lasting and fixated curls on every hairtype.

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The cooling curls is Parbella’s newest innovative curling system that creates fast, healthy and long-lasting curls on every hairtype. With the coolshot technology cool air can be shot out of the ventilation system during curling. This cool air shoots directly onto the heating barrel which results in cooling down the curls while curling. This results in fixated curls that will last longer than ever before. This is also useful to limit hair damage since the hair can stat on the heating barrel for a short period of time and does not need to cool off. The L-shaped handle also makes the tool easy for everyone to use.

Thanks to the tourmaline and ceramic heating barrel, everyone’s hair will shine and last like never before. Tourmaline is the newest substance that minimizes hair damage, fight against dry hair, reduces static and frizz by producing negative ions when heated. In combination with ceramic, heat is evenly spread which results in an immerse amount of shine and softness that will also be added to the hair, without damaging it. This combination of substances makes this hot tool work for every hair type and hair that is incapable to handle high temperatures alonside curls that do not stay. The cooling curls iron also has a temperature control up to 210°C.

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