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  • 29.99 inc. btw

    Mask that instantly restores weak, dry, damaged or sensitized hair.

    Repair – Reglow – Recover


  • 22.99 inc. btw

    Intense cleansing shampoo that fights hair loss, oily scalp & thickens, strengthens and regrows the hair. For greasy, oily, weak, thinning or broken hair.

    Thickens – Strengthens – Regrows

  • 19.99 inc. btw

    Shampoo that instantly restores weak, dry, damaged or sensitized hair. Keeps on improving hair with every use.

    Repair – Reglow – Recover

  • 19.99 inc. btw

    An intense lash and brow growth serum that makes lashes and brows thicker, fuller, stronger, longer and nourished.

    Thickens – Strengthens – Grows


  • 49.99 inc. btw

    Miracle hair shots

    An intensive but vegan hair and scalp treatment that fights hair loss and starts new hair growth. Thickens, strengthens, softens and regrows the hair.

    Thickens – Strengthens – Regrows


  • 29.99 inc. btw

    Nourishes, moisturizes and fights dry hair immediately. Prevents split ends, makes the hair smooth, shiny and soft.

    Fights dry hair – Adds shine – Repairs damaged hair

  • 74.99 inc. btw

    An all essential hair savior pack that will help you safe your dry and damaged hair immediately!

    Dry – Damaged – Frizzy

    Mini serum, shampoo en masker

  • 72.99 inc. btw

    A dream pack that will help you get that hair you have always dreamed of!

    Slow growing – Damaged – Weak

  • 59.95 inc. btw


    Max Pro introduces Max Pro Multi Airstyler Hair Dryer: a multifunctional hair dryer that allows you to easily dry and straighten your hair! Thanks to the four different attachments you can create any beautiful natural natural look you want in no time. If you choose curls, (beachy) waves, stylish hair or nice volume, with this multifunctional hairdryer you can do it all.

  • 74.99 inc. btw

    A – go to pack – to get that head turning volume and shine!

    Dull – Volumeless- Dry

    Mini serum, shampoo en masker

  • 59.99 inc. btw
    • The curling iron switches off automatically after 1 hour
    • Includes heat-resistant gloves
    • The rod is fully ceramic, this protects your hair while curling
    • The curling iron is ready for use within 30 seconds
    • Adjustable temperature ranging from 80 to 220°C
    • Suitable for fine and damaged hair, as well as very thick hair
  • 14.99 inc. btw

    Nourishes and moisturizes hair, gives instant shine, reduces frizz, makes the hair soft, smooth and manageable.

    Fights dry hair – Adds shine – Repairs damaged hair

  • 14.99 inc. btw

    DETAILS GB: The Parbella Wet-n-Dry hair brush is specially created for all hair types. It can be used on both dry and wet hair. As…

  • 4.99 inc. btw

    A beautiful Parbella gift box to wrap your gifts or Parbella products. Very nice for under the Christmas tree.

  • 66.99 inc. btw
    • Met ionen technologie voor minder pluis, statisch haar en een mooie glans
    • Na 60 minuten ongebruikt te zijn schakelt de stijltang automatisch uit
    • Met zwevende platen voor een super snel resultaat
  • 22.99 inc. btw

    Hot girl, wait what?! We mean, HEALTHY HAIR summer package!

    Buy our HGSP and get a FREE Parbella limited edition wet&dry brush (color: fuchsia pink)!

    Bag contains:

    • Magic Potion hair serum – mini series
    • Parbella holographic unicorn tote bag
    • Pastel hair clips
  • 49.99 inc. btw
  • 5.99 inc. btw

    Join our hot girl summer bag club!

    The perfect bag for

    • your laptop
    • the beach
    • the park
    • regular handbag
    • your schoolbooks
    • shopping bag