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About us

Meet the Parbella Family

We are the Parbella family. The family behind the magical hair brand that goes way back. Our salon and hair care brand is a result of love, passion, knowledge and experience. As a family we are always aiming to make the impossible, possible! We aim to give everyone an unforgettable experience. Whether it is at our salon or during the use of our hair care products. Everyone is heard at Parbella, because we truly care.


‘It all started with Parzijn’

Hair care had been in her family for generations long and her passion for beauty went beyond. At the age of 17 she married the love of her life. Before she could pursue her passion further Parzijn had to flee the Kurdish region in Iraq because her husband was part of the opposition against Sadam Hussein.

Once she came to Netherlands as a refugee and started building her life up with her husband and 4 children, she decided to do the one thing she loved the most; hair and beauty. Not knowing the language, country nor being around friends and family, she started giving free advice and haircuts to all her neighbours and new friends.

A few years later, after Parzijn learned the Dutch language a got a beauty degree she opened her first hair salon. Kapsalon Erbil was the name of her first salon. A twenty square meter salon, with just two chairs and little space she decided to kick start her dream


‘Best salon of The Netherlands’

In just a few weeks, Kapsalon Erbil became very popular. It became so crowded that people had to wait outside, because the salon was too small for the crowd. It didn’t take very long for the salon to move to a bigger place. Little time passed by until Kapsalon Erbil became an award winning salon and was voted as one of the best salons in the Netherlands in 2017.  

Now 8 years later Kapsalon Erbil became Parbella Hair and Beauty professionals and launched, besides a beautiful salon a new global hair care brand. The name Parbella does more justice for the family history of the brand Parbella. ‘Par’ stands for Parzijn and ‘Bella’ stands for Bellan. The daughter of Parzijn, whom is the co-owner of the salon.

Parbella the brand

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